Complete Website Package
Website Setup
Personal Web Designer to Manage Your Project
Creative Design for Your Website
You Choose the Functionality and Options
$220 One Time
Due for work to begin
Features, Hosting, Domain Name & Support
Includes All of Our Standard Website Features
Flat Price Regardless of the Number of Users
Annual Registration of Your Primary Domain Name
300MB of Space, 20 Email Accounts & Visitor Stats
$385 Per Year
Due when your website goes live
À La Car te Features
Monthly Calendar View
Shows a monthly calendar style view for your events.
Visitors can scroll through months to see upcoming
events. Unlimited categories help sort and filter events.
Plus recurring event settings for practically any
combination of scheduling logic.
$30 Per Year
Additional Message Boards
Each website includes 2 message boards. One is
intended for regular members and the other for
officers/board members. You can also have additional
message boards which are often used for committees
or special groups so they can have separate
discussions. Each message board has its own
configurable access level(s) so that only authorized
users will have access.
$30 Per Year
For each additional message board
Optional Items
Additional Domain Name Registrations
Your primary domain name is included in the annual
website hosting fee. We would be happy to purchase
and maintain additional domains for you. For example,
you may wish to own both the .com and .org
extensions. We can even point each of them to your
website. Plus, we provide private domain
registration with all domain names for free.
$20 Per Year
Your primary domain name is free!
Plus we include free private domain registration.
Additional 100MB of Storage Space
The 300MB automatically included in the annual
hosting fee will hold a lot of data, photos and
documents. If you need additional storage space, you
can increase this limit by as many 100MB blocks as
$70 Per Year
For each 100MB of storage space
Additional 5 Email Accounts
If you need additional email accounts to share with your
board and committee members, they can be easily
added to the 20 accounts already included with your
website. Additional email accounts are available in
blocks of 5.
$55 Per Year
For each block of 5 email accounts
Custom Flash Work
When you see graphics on a website that move around
like a movie that is done using software called Flash.
We can create a custom Flash intro for your website or
any other section on your pages. However, if you would
like your photos to rotate or fade in/out this can be done
without using Flash. Our non-Flash graphic effects are
already included for free in our standard website
$95 Per Hour
Document Scanning
Don't have a scanner? You can mail your documents to
us and we'll scan them for you if they are single sided,
letter size and are not bound. We'll then upload your
new electronic files to your website in Adobe pdf
format. Original documents can be returned to you as
$40 Minimum
Plus Postage
30 cents per page