We think you'll find that the design process moves quickly and is straight forward.
The Website Design Process:
  • When you are ready to get started, signup for your new website.
  • You're assigned a personal web designer who will work with you to develop your website.
  • You're sent the first set of instructions you'll be following as part of our step-by-step setup process.
  • You choose the domain name(s) for your website. We will also offer suggestions.
  • You choose a design for your website.
  • Your website is set up in 1-2 days and you're sent the next set of instructions.
  • You are given access to the Admin Panel so you can start adding your content, upload your documents, add photos, etc.
  • Your web designer learns about any design preferences you have and makes modifications to your website's design.
  • You choose which features and pages will be included on your website and how they're organized. Choices can always be changed, even after your website goes live without any additional cost.
  • Once you're happy with the design and you have your pages set up how you'd like them, your website will be ready to go live.